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Norwegian esports organization Apeks signs former 100 Thieves rifler Jkaem for three-years

Just a day after 100 Thieves officially stepped out of CS:GO for the second time in its history Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad has already found a new home. The rifler has been signed by Norwegian esports organization Apeks for three-years, joining them as an entry fragger to complete their CS:GO roster.

Jkaem Joins Norwegian Organization Apeks

100 Thieves had announced a week back that they were leaving CS:GO due to a multitude of reasons following which all their players will be free agents as they help them settle with different teams and organizations. It looks like the Norwegian rifler jkaem has already found a new home as he goes on to join a team closer to home!

The rifler will be moving to Oslo to compete with the team and he seems to be pleased about it. Jkaem states that the had plans to return home sooner or later and that Apeks approached him with an offer that he was happy with.

“The idea of contributing to help building the Norwegian esports scene became the deciding factor.”

Apeks currently ranks 65 in the world as per HLTV rankings, they are certainly not a tier-one CS:GO team but after having signed jkaem they can surely make their way within the top fifty. The Norwegian dominated lineup does not have a lot of heavyweights in its roster except for Dennis “dennis“ Edman but this has not deterred jkaem who says that the team’s goal is to compete with the best teams in Europe.

“The last couple of seasons have been my best ever, so I am coming home to Norway with a lot of confidence and a high quality in what I deliver in-game.”

According to jkaem’s agent, a lot of teams were interested in signing him after hearing about 100 Thieves departure and that Apeks was the organization chosen by the Norwegian after hectic negotiations with several “world-class clubs”.

Jkaem is a solid rifler that has spent a good part of his professional career with the Australian lineup of Renegades which was later picked up by 100 Thieves. There has been a slight dip in jkaem’s performance but he has still held it together quite well. Not only this, in the last six months under the 100 Thieves banner jkaem has only secured an overall rating of below 1.0 in just a single CS:GO tournament, BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Americas Showdown.

He has joined Apeks with immediate effect and will be competing with them in the currently ongoing Telialigaen – Fall 2020 after today’s match. Let’s see how the team improves along with jkaem.


New phishing scam called ‘Ultracup’

A lot of CS:GO users have reported receiving messages on Steam with a link asking them to visit ‘Ultracup.fun’ to vote for their CS:GO team. Upon clicking the link a website opens up which at first glance may look completely legit but it is actually a classic ‘Phishing Scam’.

The website is beautifully made giving a false pretense to many users that it might be a legit website but the facade falls away when the user clicks on ‘Sign in through Steam’.

Classic phishing scamUpon clicking this a fake Steam login window pops up which is an exact replica of the original one, it looks very real and even the URL on this pop-up is legitimate. But taking another look at this windowed pop-up one will realize that it is not actually a separate window but has been rendered inside the same webpage itself.
Fake Steam login embedThis can be tested by the users themselves by maximizing, minimizing, or even moving the pop-up window and noticing how it is a part of the same webpage. So, if a user actually tries to log in to the Steam account all they will be doing is giving away their account information to the scammers. Those who think the two-step verification process will protect them, in some cases the scammers were even able to bypass it successfully.

The scam was attempted on almost all the users via Steam message which they received from either dead or their friend’s accounts, asking them to click on the above mentioned link in order to vote for their CS:GO team. Though most of them were able to figure out what was going on a few have fallen for the scam.

How To Avoid It

The best way to avoid getting scammed is to not click on the link and visit the website obviously, but apart from this the user can also protect others by reporting the dead accounts from which they have received such a message.

Steam will be able to take action against such dead accounts once they are reported, preventing them from scamming other unaware users. Less the number of users who fall for this scam the better, as every hacked account repeats the same process of spamming the message to all of their friends and the same keeps on continuing over and over again.

Though the two-step verification has been bypassed in some cases it is for the best to keep it activated, reducing the chances of getting scammed even if your personal information gets out. If in case a user’s account has been compromised they can quickly do the following in order to regain control and flush the hacker out of their Steam account,

  • First and foremost the user should change their password.
  • Remove any Steam/CS:GO related browser extensions.
  • Deauthorize all devices from using the Steam account.
  • Check to see if any API keys were generated from the account if anything suspicious is observed then proceed to click on ‘Revoke My Steam Web API Key’.
  • Reset your Steam trading URL so that the hacker is not able to spam you with trade offers.

Do keep an eye out for the ‘Ultracup’ scam which is on the rise as more users are falling for it, prevent getting scammed by following the above mentioned steps, share this information with other users to keep informed, and let’s try to keep the CS:GO community safe from such largescale scams.


Official Version of Tuscan is in Development

One of the most loved CS 1.6 maps Tuscan might soon be making its way to CS:GO as the official version of the map is currently under development according to reports by popular Counter-Strike insider who goes by the name of Nors3 on Twitter. He said that the creator of the original 1.6 map was working on this project himself and that the “Map is (still) in an early stage.”

Official Version Of Tuscan Under Development

CS:GO insider Nors3 earlier today dropped a big surprise with the announcement of the official version of Tuscan which he says is currently in its early stages of development. He also revealed that the original creator of the 1.6 version of the map Colin ‘brute’ Volrath was working on the project along with another map creator ‘catfood’.

He was seen scouting CS:GO pros who would be willing to playtest Tuscan, requesting players from preferably the top fifty teams in the world to come forward and help out the creators. Interested players can directly message Nors3 or any of the map creators.

A picture of the new Tuscan was also shared by Nors3 through which we can get a good glimpse of the map. At the moment everything in the photo looks a bit animated and a little too bright but all this would gradually improve as the project moves forward.

The majority of the community members are quite ecstatic to hear about an official version of the map being worked upon as Tuscan is considered to be one of the most popular Counter-Strike maps to have ever been made. The map was appreciated for being really well balanced and the best map for competitive gameplay, sadly the map never saw the light of day following CS 1.6 as Valve declined to include the defusal map in any of its sequels ever since.

In November last year popular Twitter personality Haci (@DonHaci) had also stated that Tuscan was under development and that “the first looks of the map might be out in as short as the next couple of months.”

Though the timeline has been stretched quite a bit it seems that we might soon have an official remake of Tuscan on our hands, but at the moment it is still not guaranteed if we might see it make its way into official Valve servers or not.


CS:GO Player Takes An Insanely Lucky Kill

How often have you cursed your luck or doubted your skill while falling off the tower on Vertigo, but have you ever been proud of falling down? Well, u/JaX148 certainly seems to have enjoyed his fall which has gifted him with possibly the most insane gaming clip yet.

Playing CT-sided on Vertigo with a ‘6-4’ lead the user was in a 1v1 situation on the ‘B-Site’. Approaching ‘B’ from the back he was behind a box and instead of taking a short peek to check if the enemy was there the user strafed right blindly, though he spotted the enemy it was too late as he had started to fall off the building. But while tumbling down towards his inevitable death the user blindly fired towards the enemy’s position and secured the kill, winning the round.

The user posted the same on Reddit and the community went berserk over the insanely lucky kill which might indeed be the best gameplay clip that the user has ever taken in CS:GO. They were quick to compare it to Counter-Strike Twitter personality DonHaci’s Vertigo clip, where he chased an already falling player down the building to take a mind-blowing mid-air no-scope kill. You can checkout the user’s YouTube channel by clicking here.


Cheaters use multiple tools to influence the CS:GO

Hackers Abuse CS:GO Overwatch System to Ban Innocent Players

  • Cheaters use multiple tools to influence the CS:GO Overwatch system to manipulate bans.
  • They simultaneously avoid getting banned while grief banning innocent players.
  • One of the biggest drawbacks of the Overwatch system is its lack of security to protect player identity.

In recent times a lot of false VAC bans have been issued to multiple players without any rhyme or reason and in most cases, the accounts that have faced this tend to have an expensive inventory. As more such cases pile up popular CS:GO YouTuber ‘Sparkles’ has revealed the reason behind all of this and it might just be the most awful thing to have hit the community since the numerous string of exploits.

Cheaters Control CS:GO Overwatch System To Ban Legit Players

The CS:GO cheating community have actually found a way to manipulate bans, evading the Overwatch system themselves while at the same time banning other innocent players for ‘griefing’ through private cheating services.

Overwatch is nothing but a community-driven regulation system that allows members to spot suspicious players in-game or by reviewing gameplay demos, who might be ruining the experience for other players by using cheats or file modification exploits in order to gain an unfair advantage.

Sparkles in his recent video engages in conversation with who he claims to be an expert (hacker) called ‘Kessie’ “To fully explain what is going on with Overwatch and how it is being massively abused by the cheating community.” Kessie goes on to reveal how various services have been built by hackers to specifically target a player’s game ID either to avoid them from getting banned or influence the Overwatch system to take some kind of action against it.

These methods have also been used in recent times to ban legit players, who have been handed both temporary and permanent ‘Grief Bans’ for team kills, being AFK, or anything else that would make the Overwatch system perceive them as being involved in the act of ‘griefing’. According to prominent Counter-Strike personality Haci (@DonHaci) both Jacob “Pimp” Winneche and Erik “fl0m” Flom were victims of this Overwatch scam, who were handed a 30-day griefing ban.

Players who have been handed a ‘Grief Ban’ once in the past need to be extra vigilant as getting a second one can lead to a permanent game ban. But cheaters do not ever worry about this as they keep their accounts blacklisted from these Overwatch bots, this ensures that they are never banned and makes it very easy for them “To maintain high trust accounts, with little risk of being banned and being able to queue into high trust matches easily.”


‘Kessie’ while acknowledging that it is really tough to combat these problems did mention that Valve could simply increase the security surrounding the anonymity of players in Overwatch cases that can currently be accessed using third-party network traffic app. This will make the initial step a lot harder to pass through instead of being a one-step process, making the Overwatch system a little less vulnerable.

Valve with its recently released ‘Trusted Launch’ option has shown that instead of stopping cheaters completely they instead wanted to bolster their ‘Trust Factor’ mechanics to distribute the player base according to their actions. But despite the devs preventing the launch of third-party apps the cheating community has found a new way to influence the game, their presence now prevalent more than ever before.


Team Liquid hire Moses as new Counter-Strike head coach

Team Liquid have hired commentator Jason “Moses” O’Toole, who will succeed Eric “adreN” Hoag as the team’s new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive head coach, the organization announced Sunday.

Moses will assume the new role as Liquid undergoes another change, replacing veteran leader Nicholas “Nitr0” Cannella with 19-year-old up-and-comer Michael “Grim” Wince. The decision to make changes came during the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive summer player break, which spanned the majority of July and early August.

“It’s exciting going into that next stage of, ‘what can you do now as a coach?'” Moses said in a video released by Liquid announcing the move. “You’ve been a player. You’ve been a commentator. What can you do when you’re leading a team? That’s the challenge that really, more than anything, inspired me to take this on.”

Moses will step away from his commentary role to become a coach for the first time. Before commentating, he competed in various Counter-Strike games as a player, notably playing for teams like Denial Esports and Elevate.

As a caster, Moses became one of the most popular to brace the mic in the scene’s modern history. He casted numerous finals at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve-designated Majors, often paired with Danish commentator Anders Blume and American caster Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat. For a period in time in Counter-Strike, those three formed the most high-profile casting trio at nearly every big event.

Liquid is one of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive’s most successful North American teams in history and in the past two years became known for its rivalry with Danish titan Astralis in a fight for the top spot in the world rankings. However, as COVID-19 forced events to move online earlier this year, Liquid has been limited to competing in just North America and have looked inconsistent in online competition.


CS:GO on Linux Might be Affecting Users ‘Trust Factor’ Negatively

Valve in the last couple of months has introduced multiple features to CS:GO improving both the game’s performance and its appeal towards the community. The most recent addition ‘Trusted Mode’ was launched earlier last month receiving heavy lash back from the community as questions were raised against its effectivity in preventing cheats. Almost a month since its release there still seems to be some problems associated with this feature as CS:GO players using Linux based systems have started getting their ‘Trust Factors’ negatively affected.


Earlier today u/gopalkaul5 brought to light a massive revelation stating that the recently introduced ‘Trusted Launch’ option is not actually enabled ‘by default’ for Linux based users, which according to the developers should be running by default for all CS:GO users.

The problem was noticed by the user earlier today when his friends informed him about his poor Trust Factor. After a bit of snooping around, the user found out that he was not running the game in ‘Trusted Mode’ since the update was released on 9th July.

Further discussions on both Reddit and Github with other CS:GO users who also used Linux based systems confirmed that the actual issue was that the ‘Trusted Mode’ was not actually enabled by default for any of them since the start.

This could be a bug affecting all Linux users as u/gopalkaul5 along with many other users realised that though they had not used the ‘-insecure’ start parameter CS:GO was still launching in ‘Insecure Mode’. They know this because the console command ‘trusted_launch_info’ was used by them to check if the game was launched in ‘Trusted Mode’ or not.

All Linux based users can use the above-mentioned console command to check if they are launching the game in ‘Trusted Mode’ or not. If any of them find out that they have been a victim of this bug the solution is rather simple, all they need to do is add ‘-trusted’ in their launch options.

Though playing the game in normal mode is still absolutely fine, as only the applications whose software DLLs are signed will be able to interact with CS:GO. The insecure mode is a whole different ballgame and can seriously affect the user’s Trust Factor as any software will be able to inject into CS:GO and interact with it.


Hope that Valve pushes out a fix for this bug as many unaware users might be suffering without any knowledge of what is going on. It is in no way their fault and they should not be administered to low Trust Factor matchmaking which is genuinely awful.


CS:GO Trusted Mode: How to disable

The latest CS:GO update released in the early hours of the morning on 9th July, with Valve striking a huge blow against cheaters. This blow comes from the CS:GO Trusted Mode, which automatically blocks any third-party apps. However, you might need to know how to disable Trusted Mode, as not all third-party files are cheats.


What is CS:GO Trusted Mode

Trusted Mode in CS:GO blocks incompatible third-party files from interacting with the game. While possible not perfect just yet, it does strike a blow against CS:GO cheaters, as cheats involve using third-party software.

The CS:GO Trusted Mode is enabled by default for all players. You need to keep it on to be able to join VAC-enabled servers, and matchmake with others.



Valve explains why incompatible third-party files needed to be blocked from interacting with the game: “Incompatible files must be removed to ensure a fair game for all players.

“Any time we cannot verify files interacting with CS:GO’s game process you will be asked to restart the game in Trusted Mode.”

While cheaters might always find a way around new anti-cheat methods, for now at least, CS:GO should be a much cleaner game.


How to disable CS:GO Trusted Mode

First up, let us make two things very clear. You can’t matchmake with Trusted Mode disabled, which means you can’t cheat on official servers. Secondly, Valve has warned how those who disable CS:GO Trusted Mode may have their Trust score negatively affected.

Unfortunately, some unofficial game modes use third-party files, and some developers might not have all their files digitally signed. For those who really want to disable CS:GO Trusted Mode, it is pretty easy to do.

Follow the five steps below to disable Trusted Mode / Launch in CS:GO.

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Right-click on CS:GO and select properties.
  3. In the “general” tab, click on “set Launch options”.
  4. Type in -untrusted in the text box (see image below).
  5. Run CS:GO with Trusted Mode disabled.


To go back to default, simply follow the first three steps, then remove the -untrusted text line, and restart your Steam client, then launch CS:GO.



The secrets of popularity of CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, an online multiplayer first-individual shooter that is lived to tell the story two decades later.

CS:GO is a team game created by Valve in August 2012.

Valve previously settled the Counter-Strike arrangement in November 2000, however the game possibly worked out as intended three years after the fact when Counter-Strike 1.6 was discharged. From that point forward, Counter-Strike has developed into one of the world’s most serious games to date with its esports scene gathering an enormous Western crowd.

To play CS:GO, you should simply make a Steam account and download the game. It’s completely free.


CS:GO is a round of different sides, the Terrorists (Ts) and the Counter-Terrorists (CTs).

Bomb Defusal is the game’s principle mode played in serious, yet there are different other options, similar to Wingman, Hostage Situation, Arms Race, Deathmatch, Demolition, and Weapons Expert. Bomb Defusal has various likenesses to Call of Duty’s Search and Destroy mode, however CS:GO games last extensively longer in examination.

Players in csgo live have one life for every round in Bomb Defusal. The general objective of the game mode is to kill each of the five rivals inside the designated time limit (one moment and five seconds). Be that as it may, there’s a whole other world to it.

The T-side’s goal is to plant a bomb on either the An or B site and effectively guard and explode it. The CTs, in any case, will plan to guard the bombsites until the time runs out. On the off chance that the bomb is planted, the CTs have 40 seconds to kill protecting aggressors and defuse it. In the event that they neglect to do as such, they lose the round.

Competitive CS:GO incorporates 30 rounds between two teams of five players. An easygoing game, however, can last up to 15 rounds. The primary distinction between the two is the cash framework. It’s substantially more direct in easygoing and it permits up to 10 players for each group.

CS:GO’s economy framework is the thing that isolates it from its FPS partners. Players start with a gun close by and $800 each before they move up to greater and better weapons, similar to rifles, expert riflemen, SMGs, and shotguns.

Before each round, players have 15 seconds (the “freeze time”) to purchase weapons and utility. Weapons, however, can’t be returned or discounted for cash. When you purchase something, you’re left with it until you kick the bucket.


CS:GO is one of the biggest esports in the Western world – top 100 list. Proficient groups travel all finished and contend in competitions for money prizes, trophies, and wonder.

Like how ordinary games work, CS:GO requires incalculable long periods of difficult work and devotion. It’s not carefully physical, however it’s surely mental. Creating singular aptitudes and group collaboration can take long stretches of training. Mental grit and physical continuance each assume a significant job.

Valve, the engineers of CS:GO, hold a $1 million competition two times per year called a Major. In a Major competition, players from different locales over the world contend in CS:GO’s most lofty occasion.

There are commonly 24 groups altogether, yet this has differed from year to year. The following Major on the cards is ESL One: Rio 2020, booked to happen on Nov. 9. $2 million will be available to anyone.

Majors usually host teams from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia.


CS 1.6 indir – Counter Strike 1.6 Bedava indir

CS 1.6 indir ve oyna! Counter-Strike 1.6, Valve şirketi tarafından geliştirilmiştir. Oyun endüstrisinde en çok oynanan ve en ünlü silah oyunlarından biridir. Derecelendirme sitesi GameSpot’ta verilen ortalama 8.4 puan oyun severlerin oyuna gösterdiği ilgiyi kanıtlıyor. CS 1.6 sahneleri, silahları ve ve vadettiği eğlence, oyuncuları bu oyuna bağlı kalmayı sürdürmektedir. Silah oyunlarının güzelliğini keşfetmek için CS 1.6 indir ve oyna. Oyun, terör ekibi ve terörle mücadele ekibi olmak üzere iki takım arasında oynanır. Senaryoya göre her takımın, oyunu kazanmak için diğer takımın bütün oyuncularını yok etmesi veya rehineleri kurtarma veya bomba imha etme gibi görevleri yerine getirmesi gerekir. En iyi çevrimiçi aksiyon oyunu oynamak için şimdi cs 1.6 indir. Takım tabanlı bu oyun, görevleri yerine getirmek ve görevi tamamlamak için inanılmaz bir terörist savaş sahnesi sunuyor. Her oyuncu takımın başarısında önemli bir rol oynar.

Terörist ekip terörle mücadele ekibini kovalar ve masum rehineleri kurtarmasına izin vermez. Karşılaşmada herhangi bir oyuncu ile bomba taşırlar, bombanın yerleştirilmesi için uğraşırlar ve karşı ekibin engellemesini durdurmaları gerekir. Terörle mücadele ekibi terörist ekibi kovalarken rehineleri teker teker kurtararak, rehineleri teröristlerin alanından terörle mücadele ekibinin bölgesine götürür ve onların bomba yerleştirmelerine izin vermez. Her takım karşılaşmadan birkaç saniye önce, karşılaşma için silah, zırh, el bombası ve diğer faydalı ekipmanları satın alır. Her takım üyesinin bir tabanca veya bir tüfek veya makineli tüfek gibi bir silahı olabilir. Buna ek olarak, bomba sadece terörist ekibi tarafından taşınır ve benzer şekilde bomba etkisiz hale getirme kiti sadece oyundaki terörle mücadele ekibi tarafından taşınır.

CS 1.6, birden çok oyunculu özelliğinden dolayı dünya çapında büyük ilgi toplar ve takdir edilir. CS 1.6 tek oyunculu bir oyun olarak kabul edilirse, kod ve AI işlevlerini yönetmek çok karmaşık olurdu. CS 1.6, maçın sonucunu elde etme mantığına dayanan üç farklı senaryoya sahiptir. Bu senaryolar arasında suikast, rehin kurtarma ve bomba etkisizleştirme yer alıyor. Rehinelerin senaryosunda Terörle Mücadele ekibi, teröristler onlara karşı oynarken bu rehineleri kurtarma bölgesine götürmeyi ve bunu durdurmalarını gerektirir. Oyunu kazanmak için ya rakip takımı elemeli ya da yukarıda yazıldığı gibi rehinenin hedefine ulaşmalısınız. İkinci senaryo bombaları yerleştirmek ve etkisiz hale getirmekle ilgilidir. Teröristin bombayı yerleştirmesi için iki bomba yeri bulunmaktadır. Bomba herhangi bir yere yerleştirimelidir. Bip sesi daha hızlı çalmaya başladığı andan itibaren bomba kısa bir süre sonra patlar. Terörle mücadele ekibi oyunu kazanmak için bombayı etkisiz hale getirmeli veya tüm terörist ekibi elimine etmelidir. Üçüncü ve son olarak, suikast senaryosu. Bu senrayo, önceki diğer senaryolara kıyasla çok popüler değil. Bu senaryoda, teröristlerin VIP’den başarılı bir şekilde kaçmaları veya oyunu kazanmak için diğer takımın VIP’sini öldürmeleri gerekir.


CS 1.6, farklı senaryolara, ortamlara ve ayarlara sahip çok çeşitli haritalara sahiptir. En popüler CS 1.6 haritaları De-Dust, Inferno, Cache, Dust II, Overpass, Tren, Taşlı Yol , Nuke, Vertigo ve daha pek çok şey içerir. Her haritada ele alınacak farklı senaryolar vardır. CS 1.6 haritaları inanılmaz derecede çekici grafiklere sahiptir ve gerçek sahneleri temel alır. Haritaların pek çoğu, Valve şirketi Counterstrike’a lisans ve belirli haklar almadan önce oyunseverler ve haritacılar tarafından geliştirildi.

indir cs 1.6

Ekipman türlerinin tamamı, dördü silahlara ve biri alet edevat olmak üzere beş sekmeye ayrılmıştır. Bu kategoriler arasında tüfekler, makineli tüfekler, tabancalar, ağır silahlar ve el bombaları bulunmaktadır. Her silah farklı özelliklere sahipken, tüm el bombaları farklı özelliklere sahiptir. El bombaları, beş  farklı el bombası kategorisine ayrılmıştır. İlk olarak, küçük bir sınırda patlayan bir el bombasıdır. İkincisi, sis bombalarıdır. Ekranı dumanlı ve beyaz hale getirir. Üçüncüsü, oyuncunun birincil silahını taklit eden Decoy el bombası. Dördüncüsü, patladığında ona bakan oyuncuları kör eden flashbang ve son olarak Molotof kokteyli ve yangın bombası, ki bu bomba kısa bir süre için haritanın küçük bir bölümünü ateşe verir.

CS 1.6 indir ve yerel alan ağı (LAN) ile veya çevrimiçi oyna. CS 1.6 eski bir oyun olmakla birlikte yine de en popüler çok oyunculu silah oyunlarından biri olarak kabul edilmektedir. Botlarla tek oyunculu olarak oynayabilir ve oyunun güzelliğinin tadını çıkarabilirsiniz, ancak sıkıldığında CS 1.6, arkadaşlarınızla veya diğer gerçek insanlarla oynamak için çevrimiçi bir sunucu da sunmaktadır. Şaşırtıcı bir şekilde, CS 1.6’nın çalışması için yüksek konfigürasyonlu bir bilgisayara veya herhangi bir özel özelliğe ihtiyacı yoktur, CS 1.6 indir ve normal bir internet bağlantı hızına sahip herhangi bir normal standart bilgisayarda kolayca çalıştır.

CS 1.6, oynaması karmaşık olmayan, başlaması kolay, eğlenceli ve gerçek bir eğlence oyunudur. Oyuncular, anti-oyuncularını hedefleyerek ve basit bir fare tıklaması ile çok kolay bir şekilde öldürebilir, çünkü amaç ve grafikler oldukça net ve temizdir. Hedef farklı renklere ve farklı boyutlara sahip olabilir. Oyunda hedef, fare, tuşlar ve ses gibi temel ayarlar için özelleştirilebilen ve seçiminize göre değiştirilebilen çeşitli seçenekler vardır. CS 1.6 da botlar, haritalar ve diğer grafik öğeleri gibi birçok varsayılan özellik ayarlanabilir. Kesinlikle CS 1.6 indir ve oyunun farklı sürümlerini dene.

Mevcut counter strike sürümlerine göz atmaktan ve gerçekten beğendiğiniz birini seçmekten çekinmeyin, CS 1.6 ‘da karar verin ve CS 1.6’yı indirin. Oyun, deneyimin çok daha güvenli hale gelmesi ve güvenlik açıklarına ve tehlikeli kötü amaçlı şeylere karşı iyi bir korumaya sahip olması için önemli güncellemeler ve özellikler içerir. Genelde, bilgisayarınızın güvenlik açıklarının ihlal edilmesi için bilinmeyen bazı ihtimaller olabilir. CS 1.6′yı, sağlam ve istikrarlı bir koruma için bizim web sitemizden indirin. Tüm oyunculara ve modlarda orijinal oynanışı sevenler için bu sürümü tavsiye ediyoruz.

Counter-Strike 1.6 uzun yıllardır çevrimiçi olarak oynanıyor. CS 1.6, klasik görünümü ve grafikleri nedeniyle oyuncular tarafından hala seviliyor. Oyun çalışmak için herhangi bir donanım yatırımına veya herhangi bir süper bilgisayara ihtiyaç duymaz, bu nedenle hala oyuncuların en iyi silah oyunları listesinde yer almaktadır. Bu nedenle CS 1.6’nın bu kadar önemli ve sevgi dolu oyuncuları var ve oyuncular arasında hala canlı ve popüler. Counter-Strike’ın yeni versiyonu, diğer bazı oyunlar gibi, CS 1.6’nın bu yeni oyunların gölgesinde kalacağı izlenimini veriyor. Ancak, oyun eski ve klasik olmasına rağmen, hala insanlar tarafından oynanıyor ve seviliyor.

CS 1.6 ücretsiz indir ki bu gerçekten çok kolaydır. Sitemizde CS 1.6’yı indirmenize yardımcı olabiliriz. Yüksek indirme hızına sahip bir torrent bağlantısı sağlıyoruz ve oyuncularımız için normal bir torrent dışı bağlantı sunuyoruz. Oyun, oyuncular için gerçekten önemli olan performans bakımından ve hata barındırmayan yüksek bir kaliteye sahiptir. CS 1.6 orijinal oyun test edilmiş ve performansta daha verimli olduğu görülmüştür. Buna ek olarak, koruma oyun oynamanın önemli bir parçasıdır, bu nedenle CS 1.6 orijinal indir ve reklam içeriği ve diğer rahatsız edici içeriklerden arındırılmış bir oyun deneyimi yaşa.

Ayrıca şunu da belirtmek istiyoruz ki, CS 1.6 (Steam-dışı), diğer geliştiriciler tarafından desteklenen resmi olmayan bir karşı saldırı versiyon oyunudur. Counter-Strike 1.6 (Steam-dışı) gerçek CS Steam’i temel alır. Cs 1.6 (Steam dışı) gibi farklı avantajlara sahiptir: Oyun, “-game cstrike” seçeneği ile bağımsız olarak “hl” exe dosyasını çalıştırarak bağımsız olarak başlar ve herhangi bir ağdan kolayca indirilebilen ücretsiz bir oyundur. çok sayıda kullanılabilir CS 1.6 yaması için lisanslı Steam sunucuları kullanılamazken, internet bağlantısı olmadan çalışarak sunucuda (Steam-dışı) oynatılır.

CS 1.6 neredeyse her sistemde çalıştığından, bu sebeple, dünya çapında farklı dilleri konuşan bütün insanlara açıktır. CS 1.6 21 farklı dil seçeneği   içermektedir. Standart menü düzenini, ses efektlerini, ekipmanı ve botları bulabileceğiniz botlarla oynama imkanı sunan CS 1.6 indir. CS 1.6’daki botları çok kolay bir şekilde simüle edebilirsiniz. Counter Strike 1.6, ahip olduğu botlarla da arkadaşlarınızla çevrimiçi oynamaya hazırdır. Botlar, oyunun haritalarını ve ekipmanlarını oynamak, öğrenmek ve keşfetmek için çok faydalıdır. Sadece kolay, orta, zor ve uzman gibi belirli bir uzmanlık seviyesine sahip gerçek oyuncular gibi davranırlar. Ancak, CS 1.6 sürümünde botlar çevrimiçi oynarken çok daha koruyucudur. Aşağıdaki özelliklerin tümünün keyfini çıkarmak için CS 1.6’yı indirin:

⦁ Klasik tasarım ve orijinal ekipman, zırhlar ve varsayılan yapılandırma

⦁ Çeşitli haritalar ve senaryolar

⦁ Güvenlik açıklarına karşı daha fazla koruma

⦁ Çözülmüş reklam bugları sorunu

⦁ Çevrimiçi oynamak için korunaklı çevrimiçi sunucular

⦁ Steam Game önbellek dosyalarından temizle

⦁ CS 1.6 varsayılan botları

⦁ Half-Life da dahildir

⦁ 47 47 ve 48 Protokolüne göre düzenlenmiş

⦁ P47 ve P48 sunucularına erişilebilirlik

⦁ Çift Protokol (48 + 47) Adanmış sunucu da dahildir

⦁ Adanmış çalışan sunucular (Steam ve Steam olmayan)

⦁ İnternet, Sık Kullanılan ve LAN sekmeleriyle çalışan sunucu tarayıcısı

⦁ Her türlü sunucuya karşı tam koruma

⦁ Enjekte edilmiş hile-savıcı ile uyumlu

⦁ En yeni Metamod-P v1.21p37 dahil

⦁ En AMX Mod X v1.8.2 dahil

⦁ HLTV dahil

⦁ Motor versiyonu ( build 4554)

⦁ İnternet ve LAN üzerinden oynanabilir

⦁ Taşınabilirlik özelliği

⦁ Reklamsız ve virüssüz oyun

⦁ Neredeyse tüm sistemlerde ve işletim sistemlerinde çalışır

⦁ CS 1.6 indir ve hızlı kurulum işlemi

CS 1.6’daki yeni değişiklikler ve modifikasyonlar daha fazla sayıda kitleyi çekti. CS 1.6 hala en iyi çok oyunculu silah oyunları listesinde yer alıyor. Hızlı indirme, hızlı kurulum, son derece koruyucu, böcek içermeyen oyun ve artırılmış esneklik içeren cs 1.6’yı indirin. Bu yeni CS 1.6 sürümü, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista ve Windows XP gibi tüm Windows işletim sistemlerinde çalışır. Oyun hilelere kapalıdır çünkü hilelere karşı daha koruyucudur. CS 1.6 daha verimli ve hızlı çalışan sunuculara sahiptir ve yeni bir sunucuya ilk gelirken beklemek veya CS 1.6’ı indirirken ilk adımda beklemek gibi sorunlardan kaçınır.

Hemen hemen her sistem ve windows işletim sisteminde çalışabilmesine rağmen, CS 1.6 için bazı temel minimum sistem gereksinimleri şunlardır:

⦁  800 megahertz (Mhz) işlemci

⦁ 128MB RAM

⦁ 32 MB Video Ekran kartı

⦁ Uyumluluk: Windows 2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

⦁ Basit mouse veya oyun mouse’u

⦁ basit klavye veya oyun klavyesi

⦁ 256MB alan gerekir

⦁ İnternet Bağlantısı

Şaşırtıcı bir şekilde, oyuncuların daha önce olduğu gibi oyun kulüplerinde zaman geçirip CS 1.6’ya para harcıyorlar gerekmiyor. Sadece bir sisteme, internet bağlantısına ve CS 1.6’yı indirebileceğiniz bir web sitesine ihtiyacınız var. Şimdi, hiçbir şey ödemeden çok oyunculu oyun oynayabilirsiniz, sadece web sitemizden CS 1.6 indir  ve keyfini çıkarmanız gerekir. Counter Strike 1.6’ya en iyi bağlantı sunucularına sahip tüm Windows işletim sistemlerinde çalışabilen kaliteli bileşenler ve daha iyi ayarlar sunuyoruz. Çok dilli özelliklere sahip olan ve zirvede eğlenmek için sohbet özellikleri sunan bir oyun deneyimine hazır olun.

İşte size böcek ve güvenlik zafiyetlerinden arındırılmış CS.1.6. Oyunu keyifle oynamak için sadece indir. Counter Strike 1.6’nın indirme adımlar oldukça basit. İndirme aşamasında sadece komutları takip et ve işte oldu! Başardınız!

Şimdi bilgisayarınızda CS 1.6 oynayabilirsiniz. Oyun özelliklerini, ayarlarını ve haritaları keşfetmek için botlarla pratik yapabilir, oyun hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek ve uzmanlığınızı geliştirmek için çevrimdışı oynayabilirsiniz. Ayrıca, gerçek çevrimiçi oyuncularla oynamak ve silah oyunlarının tadını çıkarmak için mevcut çevrimiçi sunuculara da bağlanabilirsiniz. CS 1.6 indir, sunuculara manuel olarak göz at, ve belirli haritalara ve senaryolara göre istediğiniz bir eşleşme gir! Bizim CS 1.6 spam ve güvenlik açıklarına karşı güvenli ve koruyucudur, bu nedenle endişeleri bir kenara bırakın ve oyununuzun tadını tam olarak çıkarın. Tebrikler! CS 1.6’nız şimdi çalışır durumda!