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CS:GO Player Takes An Insanely Lucky Kill

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How often have you cursed your luck or doubted your skill while falling off the tower on Vertigo, but have you ever been proud of falling down? Well, u/JaX148 certainly seems to have enjoyed his fall which has gifted him with possibly the most insane gaming clip yet.

Playing CT-sided on Vertigo with a ‘6-4’ lead the user was in a 1v1 situation on the ‘B-Site’. Approaching ‘B’ from the back he was behind a box and instead of taking a short peek to check if the enemy was there the user strafed right blindly, though he spotted the enemy it was too late as he had started to fall off the building. But while tumbling down towards his inevitable death the user blindly fired towards the enemy’s position and secured the kill, winning the round.

The user posted the same on Reddit and the community went berserk over the insanely lucky kill which might indeed be the best gameplay clip that the user has ever taken in CS:GO. They were quick to compare it to Counter-Strike Twitter personality DonHaci’s Vertigo clip, where he chased an already falling player down the building to take a mind-blowing mid-air no-scope kill. You can checkout the user’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

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