Download Counter Strike 1.9

Download Counter Strike 1.9
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Counter Strike 1.9 – 2019 release

The Counter Strike 1.9 community has managed to stay alive despite the arrival of other shooters like Overwatch . However , Counter Strike players base reached over 50 millions on freeware version and 30 million licenses sold on steam platform .

This version is derived from Counter Strike 1.6 ,  but , we expect this  mode to compete with cs 1.6 version  . With new players skins , graphic effects xtremely powerful weapons that will try to revolutionize the way we see this game.

Even if it’s a failure or not seems peoplenot care, People play it for Fun .

About Counter Strike 1.9 :

  • New weapons with a plugin
  • ALPHA version and is private
  • Full free version
  • Clean version (antivirus scanned)
  • New HD Models
  • New Maps
  • New Graphic


  1. verry goood game

  2. how the fuck do i download this

  3. the best

  4. Ggc

  5. the best


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