Download Counter Strike Torrent

Download Counter Strike Torrent
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  Download Counter Strike Torrent (cs 1.6 torrent) from – Direct Link for Utorrent!

I know you are looking to download cs 1.6 torrent and I will offer you the link :


Let`s see some pictures with the game :


What I can say about game?

From my opinion Counter Strike 1.6 is the best shooter game , is developed by Valve on year 2000 and until 2019 they sold over 30 million units ! This video game is a real success .

As you know are 2 teams , Counter-Terrorist(CT) and Terrorist (T), you must save hostages if you are CT or keep them until round end if you are T , plant the bomb , defuse the bomb .Each round you earn money , you buy weapons , grenade, defuse kits , armor , a lot of items .

Because we love this game , we made a unlimited mods for this game , for example :

respawn , paintball ,soccer , furien , zombie, ucw3 , gungame , fun , and many more !

But why peoples still want to download cs 1.6 torrent after 19 years?

Firstly you need SKILL to be well ranked ! And I am sure you can`t buy the SKILL !

Secondly you don`t need to invest really money in this game , because is FREE .

Another good point is that you can play it on the internet with real people however you can play and on LAN .

About Counter Strike 1.6 Torrent Version:

2019 updated , with anti-hack plugins and protected against exploits .

Version is using MasterServer

Play the game with BOTS.

This is a freeware version if you want the full version you can buy from Steam .

To download counter strike torrent you need to click on the link below:



  1. vreu sa descarc juaca

    • Dai click unde scrie LINK


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