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Counter strike 1.6

Download Counter Strike 1.6

Download Counter Strike 1.6, install it, and play with your friends online! This version is original without any changes.

I remember the days when I was playing with Counter Strike 1.6 friends until morning in Lan (then the internet was only on a fixed modem phone) … how much fun …

So if you’re in the office and you have nothing to do, you want time to pass, or you’re bored I recommend you invite your friends to a Counter Strike!

descarca counter strike 1.6

If you do not know about this game I will try to explain briefly:

It’s playing in the net or the internet

It is a shooter game in which there are 2 Counter Terrorist and (T) Terro teams (CT)

The main goal is to save the hostages or the best team to win!

Terrorists have a Bomb that must be planted in one of the bases of the CT (usually 2 bases). CT are forced to defuse this bomb or lose the round.

And here’s the … battle. You can buy weapons, grenades, shields, armor, and many other weapons, with a condition … to have money (that’s why you have to kill your opponents).

About the graphics of this old game for over 10 years … we can not say too much, but you definitely need SKIL to be a good player. It will go on any computer but not older than 9 years.

Download Counter Strike 1.6 and invite your admirers to play together! It does not cost you anything, this version is FREEWARE!

Below I’ve put a link to Download Counter Strike 1.6

Download Counter Strike 1.6

If you find a problem with Counter Strike 1.6, just leave a comment below and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Not before the end I will add some pictures!

Attention! This is the freeware version. For the complete game go to https://store.steampowered.com/app/10/CounterStrike/




descarca counter strike
counter strike online

Counter Strike Online

Ultima versiune a jocului Counter Strike online o gasiti aici si o puteti face download gratis ! Acesta are updatat lista de servere , verti gasii sute de servere din Romania , o lista fara redirecte ! Counter Strike Online este un joc multi-player , de 2 echipe T si Ct (Terro si Contra Terro) in care scopul este salvarea ostaticilor , castigand anumite sume de bani pentru arme si accesorii . Aparut din 1999 , chiar si in zilele de azi este cel mai cautat joc de impuscaturi . Counter Strike online nu are lag , este gratis de jucat , si nu are cerinte mari (nu iti trebuie un calculator performant) , cam pe orice calculator din 2004 in sus poate fi jucat fara nici cea mai mica problema . CS Online este abreviat de la Counter Strike 1.6 , diferenta fiind acesta poate fi jucat Online cu prietenii , chiar si in retea .

Acesta are toate hartile updatate pana in prezent, protectie antihack , nu are bug-uri , nu este nevoie de nici un patch pentru a fi jucat , si este gratis 🙂
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Download Counter Strike Online

Aceasta versiune este freeware , pentru a cumpara jocul complet accesati Steam .