Download Counter Strike 1.6

Download Counter Strike 1.6, install it, and play with your friends online! This version is original without any changes.

I remember the days when I was playing with Counter Strike 1.6 friends until morning in Lan (then the internet was only on a fixed modem phone) … how much fun …

So if you’re in the office and you have nothing to do, you want time to pass, or you’re bored I recommend you invite your friends to a Counter Strike!

descarca counter strike 1.6

If you do not know about this game I will try to explain briefly:

It’s playing in the net or the internet

It is a shooter game in which there are 2 Counter Terrorist and (T) Terro teams (CT)

The main goal is to save the hostages or the best team to win!

Terrorists have a Bomb that must be planted in one of the bases of the CT (usually 2 bases). CT are forced to defuse this bomb or lose the round.

And here’s the … battle. You can buy weapons, grenades, shields, armor, and many other weapons, with a condition … to have money (that’s why you have to kill your opponents).

About the graphics of this old game for over 10 years … we can not say too much, but you definitely need SKIL to be a good player. It will go on any computer but not older than 9 years.

Download Counter Strike 1.6 and invite your admirers to play together! It does not cost you anything, this version is FREEWARE!

Below I’ve put a link to Download Counter Strike 1.6

Download Counter Strike 1.6

If you find a problem with Counter Strike 1.6, just leave a comment below and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Not before the end I will add some pictures!

Attention! This is the freeware version. For the complete game go to




descarca counter strike

Counter Strike Download Torrent

Counter Strike 1.6 este un joc de tip Shooter , de fapt este cel mai popular joc cu impuscaturi , aparut prin 2003 , versiunea precedenta fiind Counter Strike 1.5! Acest joc este unul care se face in echipa ! Exista o echipa de Teroristi si una de Contra Teroristi , in care echipa CT trebuie sa salveze ostaticii de la echipa Terro , in schimb primind anumite sume de bani pentru a putea sa iti cumperi arme si accesorii. Se poate juca si cu boti , multi inca folosesc botii pentru a invata acest joc mai bine . Se poate juca si pe Internet sau cu prietenii in retea (LAN)

counter strike torrent

De aici puteti descarca Counter Strike torrent cu o viteza considerabil de mare !

Counter Strike a fost vandut in peste 10 milioane de exemplare , fiind un succes imens pentru cei de la Valve ( Steam ) . Suntem in 2013 si milioane de persoane inca joaca Counter Strike .Actualmente sunt peste 20.000 servere de Counter Strike 1.6 pe Internet din care peste 1500 doar in Romania , ceea ce ne face sa credem ca acest joc este cel mai popular shooter ! Cerintele pentru a juca acest joc sunt minime , fiind un joc vechi , aproape pe orice calculator din 2005 in sus suporta acest joc fara nici o problema si nu ocupa mult spatiu pe HDD!

Aceasta este o versiune freeware , daca doriti varianta completa o puteti cumpara de pe Steam . Pentru a descarca torentul trebuie sa dati click pe link-ul de mai jos :

Counter Strike Download Torrent

Pentru a descarca cs 1.6 link direct – CLICK AICI

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English Version

Counter Strike 1.6 is a Shooter game, in fact it is the most popular shooter game, released in 2003, the previous version being Counter Strike 1.5! This game is one that is made in the team! There is a team of Terrorists and one of Counter-Terrorists, in which the CT team must save the hostages from the Terro team, instead receiving certain amounts of money in order to buy weapons and accessories. You can also play with bots, many still use bots to learn this game better. It can also be played on the Internet or with friends on the network (LAN)

From here you can download Counter Strike torrent at a considerably high speed!

Counter Strike has been sold in over 10 million copies, which is a huge success for Valve (Steam). We are in 2013 and millions of people are still playing Counter Strike. Currently there are over 20,000 Counter Strike 1.6 servers on the Internet, of which over 1500 in Romania alone, which makes us believe that this game is the most popular shooter! The requirements to play this game are minimal, being an old game, almost any computer from 2005 onwards supports this game without any problem and does not occupy much space on the HDD!

This is a freeware version, if you want the full version you can buy it on Steam. To download the torrent you have to click on the link below:

Counter Strike Download Torrent

download cs 1.6

To download cs 1.6 direct link - CLICK HERE

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